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Houses by Frazier Forman Peters
Books by Frazier Forman Peters
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Books by and about Frazier Peters

Following is a partial list of books authored by Frazier Peters.

Houses of Stone pub. 1933, 1936, GP Putnam's Sons, NY.
Without Benefit of Architect pub. 1937 GP Putnam's Sons, NY.
     See 'Links' for an online version of Peters' most popular book.
Pour Yourself a House pub. 1949 Whittlesey House, NY.
Buying a House Worth the Money pub. Sept. 1950, FFP and Laura S. Peters.
All Kinds of People unpub. no date Warwick NY.
     (written after Buying a House Worth the Money)
Untitled unpub., no date.

Following is a partial list of books about Frazier Peters and his family.

Peters of New England: A Genealogy, and Family History pub. 1903, Eleanor Bradley Peters.

Frazier Forman Peters, Westport's Legacy in Stone pub. 2014, Westport Historical Society.