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Frazier Forman Peters (July 20, 1895 - February 1963) was an American architect of stone houses, who also wrote extensively on the subject. He was born in New York to the Reverend John Pannett Peters (Rector of St. Michaels Episcopal Church from 1893-1919) but was largely based in Fairfield County, Connecticut. His first major project was a stone house for his own family in Westport in the late 1920s. It featured two living rooms, two offices, and six bedrooms.

In 1936, Peters came to the attention of a Mrs. Rionda, a millionaire in Alpine, who later had him design and build a colony of stone houses on her estate. At this time, Peters was writing articles for design magazines and gaining small commissions from them.

Peters moved to Warwick NY in the 1940s, and planned a community named 'Points of View'.

Frazier Peters died of cancer in February 1963. His wife, Laura Stromme, known to most as 'Ted', died in 1974.

He had 7 children, Helen Carter Peters (1930-1972), Judith Beattie (1934-  ), Hugh Peters (  ), Katherine (Kate or 'Tinki') Peters (1940?-2004), Robert Weymouth (  ), Esther Weymouth Bierele (  ), and David Weymouth (  ).